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Fr8Hub was created to simplify the process of cross-border shipping. The founders of Fr8Hub go back many generations in the logistics industry in Laredo, Texas, now the largest land port in the USA.

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As international trade grew, we saw firsthand how warehouses filled up to capacity with trucks backing up waiting to drop off their shipments.

There just weren’t enough outbound trucks to meet the growing demand of freight that needed to flow out-or so it seemed. But actually, in north of Laredo, hundreds of trucks were parked at truck stops waiting to find loads. Shippers and freight forwarders couldn’t connect with these truck owners in a seamless way. Finding over the road direct shipping solutions across the border was also complicated, tedious, and sometimes downright chaotic.

If we could find a way to connect these shippers and freight forwarders with reliable carriers that serve these lanes, through a digital marketplace, we knew we could transform the whole process and the multi billion dollar industry.

Now we're doing just that.


Fr8Hub, a cutting-edge cloud-based mobile platform was founded to simplify connections, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase revenue for shippers and carriers. Fr8Hub’s innovative digital freight matching technology streamlines and simplifies cross-border shipping, connecting shippers with a broad network of reliable carriers and drivers in Mexico, Canada and the United States and providing transparent pricing for available freight capacity on both sides of the border.

We are the first and only to combine our tech savviness with an intimate knowledge of the over the road cross border shipping.

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Our Mission

Fr8Hub's mission is to revolutionize
cross-border shipping.

Fr8Hub's easy-to-use digital freight platform
matches international, cross-border shippers
with available carriers in Mexico, Canada and the
United States. Fr8Hub provides carriers with
increased growth opportunities and shippers
with flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the
once-complex process of international over-the-
road (OTR) shipping.


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