Cross-border shipping
has never been simpler.

Freight with no borders

Fr8Hub is the only cloud-based marketplace in the industry that simplifies the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping.

Our innovative digital freight matching technology streamlines cross-border and domestic USA (from and to border cities) and domestic MEX shipping, connecting shippers with a broad network of reliable carriers and drivers in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

We offer transparent pricing for available freight capacity on both sides of the border plus 24/7 live tracking in and out of the USA and Mexico for secure shipping at the best rate on the market.



  • Access to thousands of reliable “NAFTA”
    lane carriers
  • Price transparency
  • Reduce risks with 24/7 tracking and live updates
  • Boost efficiency by using one platform to
    manage your freight


  • Fast payment in 2 business days with no factoring when using the marketplace
  • Find loads on your favorite routes
  • Price transparency
  • Increase truck utilization and grow your business by using our platform’s truck management

How It Works

Fr8Hub's unique cloud-based marketplace directly matches cross-border shippers throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States with available, reliable carriers and drivers for their loads.

With 24/7 live tracking, and visibility for shipments coming in and out of Mexico and Canada, status updates, transparent pricing, quick pay, and driver ratings, our simple interface helps shippers and carriers ship further, faster, more securely, and at the best possible market prices.

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For Shippers

Get shipments across borders quickly, safely, and with less hassle

Spend less time trying to find good carriers and worrying about your loads. Simply post your shipment, its destination-anywhere in the USA, Mexico or Canada-and the amount you're willing to pay. You'll be matched with a secure carrier quickly. Then once the shipment is on its way, you can enjoy real-time 24/7 tracking.


For Carriers

Streamline your daily operations and get paid faster

No need to sit around waiting for another job. Keep a steady stream going with the Fr8Hub marketplace. Now you can match quality loads on your favorite routes at the rate you want. With real-time 24/7 tracking, you also spend less time reporting updates on truck locations so you can focus on matching more loads.

The Fr8Hub Advantage

Fr8Hub's platform simplifies the process of international
over-the-road (OTR) shipping. No need to juggle multiple tools,
our platform combines it all into one control center.

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